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Medicare Agent Surveys: The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance conducts online surveys.  Survey participants are agents and brokers who are listed on the Association’s National Medicare Agent Directory.  As a result, these tend to be more experienced, more tenured agents.

REPORTERS AND EDITORS:  If you would like additional information, please call Jesse Slome, director of the Association at 818-597-3205.

AGENTS NOT LISTED ON THE DIRECTORY:  Every year more consumers do a Google search for “Medicare agents near me”.  When they do, the Association’s website tends to be the first ‘organic’ listing (under the paid ads).  For a low, 1-time charge, you can add your information to the directory.

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Medicare agent surveys-1Do You Help Consumers Compare Medicare Advantage Plans?

Far more consumers today are enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans than are buying Medicare Supplement (Medigap).

We wanted to know if agents listed on the FIND AN AGENT DIRECTORY were also offering Medicare Advantage.

95.1% Said YES — 4.9% Said NO

Survey conducted January 2022

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Medicare-agent-surveys-2Do You Sell Stand-Alone Dental Insurance To Seniors?

We wanted to know if agents selling to Medicare eligible clients are also offering stand-alone ancillary products (in this case dental).

92% Said YES

8% Said NO

Survey conducted February 2022

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Medicare-agent-surveys-3How Many Different Dental Insurance Carriers Do You Sell?

With multiple stand-alone dental plans available, we asked agents how many difference insurance carriers’ plans they offered or sold plans they sold.

8.9% said from only 1 carrier
15.1% said from 2 insurance carriers
51.4% said 3-to-4

24.6% said 5 or more

Survey conducted February 2022

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Dental insurance survey 4Agent Expectations For 2022 Dental Insurance Sales

We asked agents how they expected their sales of stand-alone dental insurance would be for 2022 (compared to 2021).

59.4% expected sales will increase
39% expect 2022 will be about the same as 2021
1.6% expect their sales will decrease

Survey conducted February 2022

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Are You Looking For More Medicare Leads?

Consider adding your name to the Association’s directory listing local Medicare insurance agents.  Why?  Because in 2021, some 80,000 consumers accessed the Association’s website looking for a local Medicare agent.

We do NOT buy advertisements on Google or Yahoo.  If we did, we would be in the lead sales business.

But we do know that agents want someone local that they can trust.  Someone they can call.  Maybe even meet with in person.

Consumers who are doing serious online searches find the Association’s directory.  And, the number increases every year.  Website traffic in 2021 increased 40% compared to 2020.

A 2-year listing is priced so that just one sale should cover the listing price.  And, if you read the testimonials from listed agents, you’ll see that agents can get more than one lead and sale.

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