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Medicare Marketing Tool 2022

Joe Namath Medicare TV AdWhat has Joe Namath done for you lately?  As an independent Medicare agent, how can you ever hope to compete with the millions of dollars being spent on television ads featuring celebrity spokespeople offering FREE benefits and even CASH BACK offers?

We’d like to help.  This webpage is posted exclusively for agents who are listed on the Association’s FIND AN AGENT DIRECTORY.

Please do NOT share this with other agents.  We provide this FREE … as a VALUE ADDED for you being listed.  Thank you for your support and cooperation.

I would welcome hearing if you find this of value.  Especially if it works for you.  That will encourage me to do more!

Jesse Slome, Director
American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance
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The Simple Steps for Using This Marketing Tool

  1. Download the images below to your desktop.
  2. Copy the suggested text into your Facebook of Instagram posts,
  3. Add the (correct) image to your post.
  4. Include the link (only) in Facebook posts.

Marketing Tool 2022 – Use This For Medicare Supplement Leads & Client Retention

EDUCATING SENIORS CAN GET YOU LEADS (& RETAIN CLIENTS)The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) just released a report showing that Medicare Advantage (MA) plan use of prior authorization sometimes delayed or denied beneficiary coverage or provider payment for Medicare-covered services.

Such delays or denials can cause negative health outcomes, increase costs and contribute to provider burn-out by interfering with medically necessary care, burdening both beneficiaries and providers, and creating friction in the system.

This is important information to share with your Medicare Supplement clients.  It counters all the “WHY AM I PAYING MEDIGAP PREMIUMS WHEN THEY ARE OFFERING ALL THIS FREE!”

It can also be a good way to generate awareness – and potential Medicare prospects.

FOR YOUR USE – Social Media Tools – For Facebook and Instagram Posts

Below are banners sized specifically for Facebook and Instagram.  You can download them and post them along with your own personal message.

The banners link to a page on the Association website where we highlight key details from the HHS report.

The webpage specifically recommends that consumers CONTACT YOU the Medicare agent sharing the information.  Click the link to see that page.

You will want to do the same with the message you post along with the banner (image).

A new government watchdog report reports denial of services for #Medicare Advantage plans.  People ask if paying for Medicare Supplement (#Medigap) is the right move.   Click the link to read important info It’s worth reading. Phone or text me if you have questions.

A new government watchdog report reports denial of services for #Medicare Advantage plans. The TV ads touting wonderful ‘free’ Medicare benefits don’t talk about this.   Click the link to read important info It’s worth reading.  Phone or text me if you have questions.

Your Free Agent Marketing Tool 2022 – Download Instructions

BELOW We provide 2 banners, optimally sized.  For Facebook, measuring 1,200 x 630 pixels (landscape).  For Instagram, measuring 1,080 x 566 pixels.

Click (using your mouse button) on any one of the banner images (below).  Some computers use the Right Mouse Button.  Others the Left.

A box should open on your computer screen.
2)   SAVE to your Desktop (Give it a name, like MA Facebook banner)
3)   CLICK OK (or SAVE).

– OR, you may be able to just CLICK ON THE IMAGE and drag it to your desktop.  For those using Macs.

IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE FILE ON YOUR DESKTOP, check at the top RIGHT of the web page. Look for an ARROW with a LINE under it. That’s where SAVED files go. Click on that and drag the file to your desktop.

Repeat for each banner you want to use.

Image Sized For Facebook (1,200 x 630 pixels) – Full width will appear in the download


Follow Download instructions (above) to download and use this image

Image Sized For Instagram (1,080 x 566 pixels)


Follow Download instructions (above) to download and use this image


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