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Medicare Advantage Commissions for 2022

Higher Medicare Advantage Commissions

Sell-Medicare-Advantage-plans-1Medicare Advantage Commissions Announced for 2022 have been announced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS released the amounts that companies may pay to agents and brokers who sell their Medicare drug and health plans.

The amounts are for Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans.

Payments can be made to include agents who are employees of the particular (insurance) company.  It can also include independent agents or brokers.

The initial payment refers to the compensation during the first year of the policy.  Lower amounts are generally paid in subsequent years (renewal commissions).

2020 Medicare Advantage Commission Maximums

Medicare Advantage Commissions










The maximum commission for a Medicare Advantage (MA) sale in 2022 will be $573, a 6.3 percent increase over 2021.

Some states have different levels.  For example in California and New Jersey, the initial MA commissions increased from to $715-per-year, a 6.4% increase over 2021. Renewal commissions increased from $336 to $358 which is a 6.6% increase.

For Connecticut, the District of Columbia and Pennsylvania, the initial MA commissions increased from $607 to $646-per-year.  That is also a 6.4 percent increase  from 2021. Renewal commissions increased from $304 to $323-per-year.  That is a 6.2 percent increase.

Not shown on the chart are amounts for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For 2022, the initial MA commissions increased from $370 to $394.  This represents a 6.5 percent increase. Renewal commissions for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands increased from $185 to $197.

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