MDRT Discount Code - Million Dollar Roundtable Savings Code - $60 for Required Association Membership

MDRT Discount Code - for U.S. Professional Association Membership


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Looking for an MDRT Discount?  Our sister organization, the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) qualifies as one of the approved U.S. Professional Associations required for MDRT membership.

AALTCI membership is $98-per-year.

A special $38 discount is available to insurance agents joining specifically to meet the MDRT requirements.

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Enter MDRT38 in the Referral Code box on the online membership application.

Your Membership Supports Association Awareness Efforts

The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance is a national professional organization.  We work to increase consumer awareness of the value and benefits of long-term care planning.  AALTCI supports insurance agents and brokers who market both traditional and linked-benefit long-term care solutions.

Agent membership is the primary revenue source that supports these awareness efforts.  We understand that many insurance agents who join AALTCI for the purpose of qualifying for MDRT may not sell LTC solutions.  Nevertheless your support goes a long way.  Especially as fewer agents today are selling this important form of protection.

Here are some key links made possible by agent membership support.

Latest long-term care insurance statistics and data for 2022

Prior year’s long-term care insurance facts and data (2021)

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance has similar objectives.  We strive to educate consumers about the value and importance of Medicare insurance options.  AAMSI does not have a membership program.  We derive support from agents adding their listing the the national Find A Local Medicare Agent online directory.

Here are some key links made possible by agent support.

Latest Medicare insurance statistics and data (2021).

Medicare Advantage statistics (2021).

We Appreciate All Agents and MDRT

Medicare-insurance-expertA message from Jesse Slome, director of the Associations.

When I was asked by industry executives to create an organization focused on a very specific line of protection many had their doubts.  Including me.  And many said doing something like this would be doomer to fail.

Twenty years later we are still here.  Both organizations are small.  The industries are small.  Long-term care insurance in particular is a dramatically changed industry.  Years ago we could count on insurance companies to provide support.  And, there were thousands of agents selling LTC insurance.

But we are still here.  I am proud of the work we do.  Especially proud of the information we gather and post.  It educates consumers.  More importantly, it supports insurance agents.

So, if you use the MDRT Discount code and join AALTCI, THANK YOU.  It is most appreciated.

Jesse Slome
Medicare insurance expert