Low Cost E&O Insurance for Life / Health Agents - New Agent Discount - No Added Membership Fee - No Agency Commitment

Low Cost E&O Insurance For New & Experienced Agents

Want Low Cost E&O Insurance?  The Association has secured a high-quality low cost plan that offers multiple advantages. Rates start at $xx-per-month. Discount for new agents. No added membership fee. A+ rated insurance company. 5 minute application. Instant proof of E&O.


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Any agent can apply for the low cost E&O coverage.

Our Association does NOT have a membership fee.  This alone can save you several hundred dollars each year.

The E&O coverage comes from a highly rated insurer.  That is important with this type of coverage.

There are 5 levels of coverage.  You pick and pay for ONLY the coverage you want and need.

A new agent discount is available for those who have 2 years or less.

Click this link to access the online E&O Policy Information.

Low Cost E&O – 2022 Rates

Level 1 – Coverage – Rates Start at $xx.xx per-month (2022 plan)

Level 1 covers agents who sell Final Expense, Mortgage Life and Medicare Supplement insurance.   It ALSO includes Medicare Advantage.

Level 2 – Coverage – Rates Start at $xx.xx per-month

Level 2 covers everything in Level 1.  It adds coverage for individual health, group accident and health plans.

New Agent Rates – start at $xx.xx per-month

Do Agents Selling Medicare Insurance Need E&O?

Yes.  Here’s why.  Oversights and mistakes can occur while selling any insurance product.  This also includes Medicare Insurance products. While E&O lawsuits specific to Medicare Supplemental products are rare, they have occurred according to the E&O experts working with our Association.  The defense and indemnification costs associated with correcting the mistake can be substantial.

This E&O policy provides you with access to experts and benefits should this ever happen to you.

A Few Other Key Benefits Of This Coverage

You choose the Limits of Liability that range from $500,000 per claim / $500,000 aggregate each agent up to $2,000,000 / $2,000,000.

Personal Data Compromise (Cyber) Extension coverage is included.  Defense costs do NOT erode your coverage limits.

You can enroll online – generally it takes 5 minutes (or less).

Coverage can be instantaneous (following payment).

You can pay monthly … quarterly … annually.    Pay by credit card or check.

There are dedicated support personnel to answer questions and provide assistance.

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