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Louisiana Medicare Insurance Rates; Find Medicare Insurance Agents in Louisiana

Louisiana Medicare insurance agents advisorsLouisiana seniors who are turning 65 this year are being urged to compare Medicare insurance policies. “You want to get the best coverage and the best or lowest cost, explains the director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI).

The organization has released their 2020 Medigap Price Index including Louisiana cities New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport. Medigap insurance premiums vary across the state according to the new data reported. There are roughly 4.6 million residents in the state and according to AAMSI some 16 percent are over age 65.

“When you turn 65 you have to make an important decision, one that might be irrevocable,” shares Jesse Slome, director of the national organization. “A 65-year-old man in New Orleans could pay as little as $140 monthly or he could pay as much as $341 for Medicare Supplement coverage The coverage would be essentially identical which is why comparing Medicare insurance costs and comparison shopping is so important.”

The Medicare insurance expert suggests asking about fees and discounts when comparing policy options and costs. “Some insurance companies add policy fees,” Slome notes. “Others offer discounts for two-person households that vary from zero to as high as 14 percent in Louisiana,” he reports.

Louisiana Medicare 2020 Monthly Premium – Medigap Plan G

NEW ORLEANS, LA     (Zip 70119)
FEMALE age 65, Plan G
Lowest: $121.61
Highest: $341.71

MALE age 65, Plan G
Lowest: $139.85
Highest: $392.88

BATON ROUGE, LA   (Zip 70816)
FEMALE age 65, Plan G
Lowest: $107.34
Highest: $297.14

MALE age 65, Plan G
Lowest: $121.37
Highest: $341.64

SHREVEPORT, LA   (Zip 71106)
FEMALE age 65, Plan G
Lowest: $103.08
Highest: $267.43

MALE age 65, Plan G
Lowest: $118.58
Highest: $307.47

Find Louisiana Medicare insurance agents by using the Zip Code based free online directory of local Medicare agents offered by the Association. “The national Zip Code-based listing shows nearly 1,000 area Medicare insurance advisors,” Slome adds. “Access is free to use and completely private for seniors.”

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