Find Medicare Agent - How do I find a Medicare Agent? Free direectory lists Medicare Agents by Zip Code

Best way to find Medicare agent near me

10 questions to find a Medicare insurance agent

  1. How long have you been selling Medicare insurance?
  2. Can you offer both Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans?
  3. Do you sell only one company or multiple companies?
  4. How many Medicare plans did you sell last year?
  5. Will you help with my Medicare drug plan?
  6. Does the plan offer vision or dental benefits?
  7. Who do I call if I need help?
  8. What is the company’s history of rate increases?
  9. Does the insurance company offer any discounts?
  10. Can I pay my premium with a credit card?

Find Medicare Agent Near Me – Free Online Directory

Find-Medicare-agent-near-me-2Check out the directory listing Medicare insurance agents for all 50 states.  This free resource is provided by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

No personal information is entered in order to see the directory listing.  It is 100 percent private.  That gives you the opportunity to see the directory listing without concern about getting hundreds of unsolicited calls or emails.

Simply enter your Zip Code in the box on the right and click FIND AGENTS.

Valuable Resources For Consumers Seeking Medicare Insurance Information

Medicare Tips from the nation’s top Medicare agents shares some things many people may not be aware of.

What Misses can yield some valuable information because for many, the government website is a place they start learning about Medicare plan options.

Yearly Medicare insurance statistics and data posted by the Association.  Including latest Price Indexes for major markets.  Can give you a better sense of the lowest and highest prices for Medigap policies.

Can Google Help You Find Medicare Agent ?

Find-Medicare-Agent-Near-MeOf course.  Google is a valuable tool used by millions of consumers looking for Medicare plans.  You will get a mixed bag of results from insurance companies that have agents selling direct – to call centers staffed by agents able to discuss Medicare insurance options – to local agents who have an online presence.

Many independent local Medicare agents do NOT have a website – or they have a simple one that Google may not give preferential ranking to.  Many do not pay Google to appear in search results (Adwords).  That does NOT man they lack expertise, experience and the ability to help you.

That’s one reason the Association created the online directory.  It’s a resource to help you find local Medicare insurance agents who should be one of the professionals you contact when seeking information and plan options.

WHY ASK, Do you sell Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans?

Today, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for your Medicare plan needs.  Medicare Advantage plans are the choice of millions of Americans … as are Medicare Supplement insurance plans.  So much will depend on what’s available in your area, your particular preferences today, your lifestyle and, of course, your budget.

Many people focus on their present health care needs.  But things change.  For that reason, it can be valuable to think about future changes.  For example, will you move to another state (what happens to your coverage then)?  Do you have health issues that might worsen in the years ahead (how will that impact your need for specialists, more medication, etc).

WHY ASK, Will you help me with my Medicare drug plan?

The cost of prescription medications can be high.  And, as one gets older, the chances of needing and being prescribed more medications increases.  For that reason, having the right Medicare Prescription Drug coverage is more important than ever.

Medicare allows all Americans to review their drug plan once a year.  At that time, you are able to switch plans to get better coverage or to pay less.

The Association is planning to offer a free online system that will enable consumers to see if they have the best plan coverage … or if better coverage is available.  Another option is working with an agent who can help you.  They do not earn much when you buy a drug plan.  So, if you find an agent willing to spend the time, understand that is a real benefit to you.

WHY ASK, Does the insurance company offer any discounts?

This one is simple.  Because saving money is always a good thing.  First of all not all Medicare insurance companies offer discounts.  But many do.  However, they can vary.  Many will offer a household or spousal discount when both partners are covered.  The Association’s Price Indexes have found these range from a low of 3 percent to as much as 14 percent.

But how you qualify for the discount can vary.  And, that makes it an important question to ask the agent you work with.  Does the discount apply now? Must we wait until we both have coverage? What about discounts when you pay premiums at one time (annually versus monthly).  That can help you save as well.

While you are at it, ask if there are any other costs.  Some insurers add a Policy Fee which may not be quoted when the agent cites premium costs.

Find Medicare Agent

Local-Medicare-agentsReady to see the listing of Medicare insurance agents in your area?

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