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Get Started Selling Medicare Insurance

Get Started Selling Medicare Insurance.  If you are thinking about selling Medicare insurance – or you just want to know how to be more successful – the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance is here to help.

This webpage provides real info and tips shared by many of the nation’s most experienced (and successful) Medicare insurance agents. Learn from their experience. And from the mistakes they made along the way.

The Association does NOT sell insurance. So we won’t hype you … or try to sell you anything. Our goal is pretty plain and simple. If you are successful, we’ve done our job. If you like, we’ll connect you with organizations who will help you be successful.

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Below we list key 5 Things to Know. These can help you be successful (and avoid making mistakes).


How Much Can You REALLY Earn Selling Medicare Insurance?

The GOOD News … you can make a very nice living selling Medicare insurance solutions. But it WON’T happen overnight (no matter who promises you that it will)!

How much you’ll earn depends on how much you are willing to work. Will you be your own boss? Or work in a Call Center (on salary and bonuses)?

The Association conducted a survey of Medicare insurance agents in 2022. We reported that 83.1 percent of the Medicare-focused agents participating in the survey reported earned commission income of under $50,000 in their first full year of sales.  Just 5.5 percent shared that their commission earnings were $100,000 or more.

Agents selling Medicare for five or more years saw significant commission income increases.  Nearly half (46.2%) reported six figure commission earnings from Medicare insurance sales.  Almost one in five (18.2%) reported annual commission income of over $200,000.  So, it clearly works – but you have to put in the time and effort.

Click the link to see the 2021 Medicare Agent Earning Report.

5 Things To Know – To Get Started Selling Medicare Insurance

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Which Option Should I Choose?  – Agent, Broker, Call Center Agent

Why Choosing The Right General Agency Is So Vital (at the beginning)

What Questions Do I Need To Ask Before Locking In My Future?

Can I Start On A Part-Time Basis?

What Great Tips Are Suggested by the Nation’s Top Medicare Insurance Agents?


Which Option Should I Choose?  – Agent, Broker, Call Center Agent

This is a very brief summary that we hope is helpful.  We offer it because many people are NOT even aware that there are various options.

AGENT – technically defined, an ‘agent’ works for only one company.  The benefits typically include training and support.  The company may provide leads. It can be a great way to get started with some income, perhaps even some benefits. The downside is that you only have one company to offer and may not have all the independence to work where and when you want. Plus, there is NO free lunch. That free training, support typically means your commissions are lower (than those offered to a ‘broker’).

BROKER – is an independent insurance agent. You can offer multiple insurance companies (generally viewed as better for your clients). Typically your commission levels will be higher. You’ll need that because you are responsible for all your costs. Brokers must work under a hierarchy. You will be ‘appointed’ with the various insurers working under an organization called either a General Agency (GA) or Field Marketing Organization (FMO).  Picking the right one to work under is critical … as we’ll explain below.

CALL CENTER – as they sound receive calls from consumers seeking information. You’ve undoubtedly seen the ‘Joe Namath ad’ urging people to call the toll-free number.  These centers are staffed by licensed insurance agents selling Medicare insurance. Agents typically earn a salary plus bonuses. We are told they earn around $50,000 to $70,000 which isn’t a bad job, or a way to start and see if you like this business.

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Selling Medicare General AgencyEvery insurance broker MUST work under what’s called a General Agency. They may be working under another agency (some call themselves Field Marketing Organizations).

Each level takes a cut of the compensation offered by the insurance company.

There are four reasons why choosing the right General Agency (GA) to work is IS SO VITAL.

  1. They set your commission schedule. Commissions are generally NOT FIXED. The GA has different levels that they can offer you.  The levels spell out FIRST YEAR commissions, based on the insurance premium paid during the first year. Then there are RENEWAL commissions paid in subsequent years. Understanding what’s available can be very meaningful in terms of your income.
  2. Each GA offers different levels of support. When you are just starting out support is critical.  You are not even sure what you need, but a good GA will carefully outline all the support they provide.  This can be essential.
  3. Medicare insurance plans and other products available.  Which companies do they offer? What about other products that you may want to start offering after you establish yourself?
  4. Once In … It’s Hard To Change. This is probably the most important point that few new agents ever think about. Say you are unhappy with the agency you selected. Or, you are now successful and hear a different agency will pay you a higher commission. THE GENERAL AGENCY DOES NOT HAVE TO RELEASE YOU.

For these reasons, picking the right GA to work with from the get-go, is so very important.

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What Questions Do I Need To Ask Before Locking In My Future?

This section is specifically written for those considering being a BROKER.  There are, of course, many questions to ask.  But we thought these would be helpful.

  1. How much of the agency’s revenue comes from Medicare insurance?
  2. What kind of support does the agency provide to newer producers?
  3. Can you tell me the different people on staff that I’d be working with?
  4. How do you support my success? Are there training and sales webinars?
  5. Are you willing to share compensation levels (commissions) for primary insurers?
  6. Once I achieve success in selling, are higher commission levels available?
  7. Do you specifically guarantee moving me to higher commission levels?
  8. What type of lead generation support can you provide?
  9. Are there any additional incentives offered, agency contests, reward trips?
  10. What one thing do you think is most important for me to be successful?

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Can I Start on A Part-Time Basis?

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What Great Tips Are Suggested By The Nation’s Top Agents?

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Get Started Selling Medicare Insurance – Here’s Some Help From The Association

We hope you have found this information helpful. The Association makes available the leading online directory used by consumers looking for Local Medicare Insurance Agents.

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