Get Ready for Medicare Annual Enrollment - Tips To Find the Best Medicare Advantage or Drug Plan -Find Local Medicare Agents

Medicare Annual Enrollment - Get The Best Coverage For Coming Year

Get-Ready-For-Medicare-Annual-EnrollmentFor millions of Americans, Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is the chance to get better coverage. Better benefits and maybe even less cost.

Medicare Annual Enrollment starts October 15 and ends December 7.

Millions of seniors fail to act. The process seems overwhelming and confusing. There are ONLY 62 DAYS to act.

This webpage will hopefully make it easy for you to know what to think about, what to compare and the best ways to do it.

We do not sell insurance. The Association is independent. We do make available an online directory where you can find local Medicare insurance agents. It is free to use and 100 percent private.

Because Medicare options typically are based on where you live, we believe it is smart to speak with a local expert. Hear what they have to say. The information can help you make better decisions. Click the link to find local Medicare agents near me.

Find Prescription Drug Plan options. You can access a free online system that will compare available drug plans in your Zip Code (from 4,700 available plans nationwide). NO PERSONAL INFO is needed to access. Click the link to access the drug plan comparison system.

Get Ready for Medicare Annual Enrollment

WHO NEEDS TO GET READY?  You do IF you have Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) or a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D) plan.

Over 26 million Americans have a Medicare Advantage plan (2022).
Some xx million have a stand-alone prescription drug plan.

WHY SHOULD I BOTHER? This is your chance to find better coverage for next year. Plans change. Your health can change too. The plan you currently have may NOT be your best choice for the coming year. Plus, plans now offer added benefits. They can be enormously valuable. BUT no two plans are exactly the same. The difference can amount to thousands of dollars in savings or added benefits.

Here’s How To Make it EASY

  1. IN SEPTEMBER – Start early. With 30+ million all looking to compare, waiting too long to start can LIMIT YOUR ACCESS to information and experts.
  2. What were your health care problems this year? Since January 1st, what PROBLEMS have you encountered? Was care DELAYED? Were you DENIED care you felt you needed, such as the ability to see a specialist?
  3. Were your prescription drugs covered?  Were you surprised by charges you assumed were going to be covered? Did your doctor prescribe NEW medications that were NOT fully covered?
  4. IN OCTOBER – Think ahead. What will you need NEXT year? Any planned procedures or SURGERIES? Plans to TRAVEL or be away from home for an extended time? New MEDICATIONS prescribed by your doctors? Any MAJOR DENTAL needs, like implants?
  5. Watch for the Annual Notice of Change. It will arrive in your mail before October. If you DO NOT RECEIVE one call your plan provider. Read it carefully making note of coverage or cost changes for the upcoming year.