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Online Tool Will Help Medicare Beneficiaries Find Best Drug Plan

find best drug planTo find best drug plan for 2022 we are introducing a new free online tool. 

Nearly 1,000 different Medicare Prescription Drug plans are available in the United States according to the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI). Choosing the best coverage offering a combination of drug coverage and lowest premium price can be a daunting task for seniors.

“This is truly one of those good news – bad news situations,” explains Jesse Slome, AAMSI’s director. “The good news is that there is enormous choice and once a year consumers get to compare plans to switch plans to get better coverage or a lower premium. The bad news is that comparing plans has historically been complex for those who like to do their own research.”

Find Best Drug Plan Using Association’s Tool

To assist consumers, the Association is now making available a free online portal where consumers can compare available best Medicare prescription drug plans. “Medicare Part D drug plans can vary based on where you live and what drugs you take,” Slome explains. “Typically there are between five and 10 different providers available but the provider plans can vary with different levels of coverage along with different premium charges.”

“We encourage consumers to find and work with a local Medicare insurance agent,” Slome advises. “However, during peak enrollment season such as the upcoming Medicare Open Enrollment, it can be difficult to get appointments specifically for drug plan comparisons. For those who like to do a little research on their own this is an ideal tool.”   To find best drug plan coverage access the tool via the Association’s website at

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance supports insurance professionals and organizes the national Medicare Insurance Industry Summit. In addition, AAMSI hosts the national online directory giving consumers free access to find local Medicare insurance brokers and agents. For more information visit the organization’s website at