Low Cost EO Insurance For New Agents - Discounted E&O Insurance For Agents Licensed Within 2 Years

Low Cost EO Insurance For New Agents

How to get low cost EO insurance new agents licensed within past 2 years.  Special rates for new agents and brokers selling life, health and Medicare insurance. Rates start at $xx per-month from a A+ rated insurer.

Discounted E&O For New Agents:

  • Premium of $xx per-month
  • No added membership fee requirements
  • A+ Rated insurer
  • Pay by credit card
  • Less than 5 minute application
  • Instant approval and instant proof of E&O
  • Deductibles as low as $500
  • Additional levels for future
  • Cyber coverage included

Want To See Rates & Apply

Click this link to access the E&O Policy Online Application System.

Special EO Insurance New Agents Discounted Rates


Click this link to access the online application

SAVINGS FOR YOU:  If you have been licensed within the past two years take advantage of this special savings opportunity.  The special rate is offered.

NO ADDED MEMBERSHIP FEES:  The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance offers discounted E&O insurance available for all agents.  The Association does not offer membership … so you have no special requirements (or fees) that add to your cost.

YOUR COVERAGE IF YOU SWITCH AGENCIES:  The insurance coverage is yours.  If you switch from one agency to another, the insurance coverage is yours to continue.

FUTURE FLEXIBILITY AS YOPU GROW:  There are five levels of coverage available.  You can maintain the same coverage as your business and success grows. Still with highly competitive rates.

AN A+ RATED INSURER:  That’s very important with this type of insurance.  Obviously, you hope to never need E&O protection.  But, IF you do, having a quality insurer and support is so important.

EASY ONLINE APPLICATION:  Most agents complete the application in 5 minutes.  You can get an instant reply and certificate.


This will get you the best rate for agents licensed for the first time within the last 2 years.



Links For New Agents

More information on the E&O Policy Levels

Videos to help agents starting to Sell Medicare Insurance

7 things to look for when comparing E&O insurance quotes

  1. Premium
  2. Deductible
  3. Insurance company rating
  4. ‘Duty to defend’ language
  5. Payment options
  6. Aggregate and per occurrence limits
  7. Ability for the policy to grow as you grow