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Discount Overseas Adventure Travel Coupon Offer

Special Discount – Overseas Adventure Travel

This webpage was specifically created to provide information on how you can take advantage of a special $100-per-person travel discount offer when you book your first Overseas Adventure Travel land tour or cruise.  ANYONE can take advantage.

Grand Circle Travel Discount

A Very Sweet Grand Circle Travel Discount

My name is Jesse Slome and I am director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (this webpage is hosted privately as part of the Association’s website).

I am also a lover of travel – taking at least one major overseas adventure each year.  As of the creation of this webpage (August 2018) I have taken a total of 10 trips using one tour company – Overseas Adventure Travel (one trip was taken with their parent company, Grand Circle Travel).

OAT offers a special Referral bonus as an incentive.  Simply stated, when you book your first trip with Overseas Adventure Travel, you can save $100-per-person simply by saying “I was referred by Jesse Slome, and his customer number is 932019“.

You’ll save $100 … and I receive a ONE-TIME credit to be used on a future trip.  There’s no catch.  There’s no small print.  I only get the one bonus … but as I plan to take many more trips, I thank you for the credit that I will thankfully apply.

By the way, while you DO NOT need to write to me to tell me you did this, I am more than happy top hear from you … share any insights … answer any questions.  I am not an employee of OAT or Grand Circle — I just really like and respect how they run their tours and their business.

I have a separate website where I post some comments and photos from the various trips I have taken with Overseas Adventure Travel.  You can visit the website by clicking this link:

People ask me what I like about the company (as I said, we also book our own trips and I have used other tour companies, Trafalgar, Globus, Bennnan and AMEX) … none compare.  Here’s what I like.

First – the tour leaders have been the best I have encountered … anywhere.

Second – I like the small group nature (available with Overseas Adventure Travel).

Third – I have to say the people we’ve met have all been great.  They want to really explore, learn about the people as much as the touristy sights.

Finally – I like that we can in some small way give back.  The Grand Circle Foundation helps local communities and you’ll likely have the chance to visit a school or an orphanage.  Temples are pretty but after 10 or 15 … but actually meeting and getting a hug from a youngster whose just gotten some school supplies or access to the Internet – thanks to you … that’s a memory you’ll bring home.

Many thanks for reading this.  And here’s wishing you great (and safe) adventures.
Jesse Slome      Email me: Click this to Email Jesse

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discount coupon code for Grand Circle Travel

discount coupon code for Grand Circle Travel