Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Florida - Medigap Plans Florida - Compare Pricing To Save - Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville

Compare Medigap insurance plans in Florida

Best Medicare Supplement Insurance in Florida

  1. AARP (UnitedHealthcare)
  2. Aetna
  3. Capital Life Insurance
  4. Cigna
  5. Great Southern Life
  6. Humana
  7. Lumico
  8. National Guardian Life Insurance
  9. Union Security Insurance Company
  10. United of Omaha Life Insurance

Medigap Plans Florida: 2021 Price Index Findings

Medigap-plans-florida-best-medicare-insuranceThe following information is designed to help illustrate the importance of comparing Medicare insurance options.  Rates shown were analyzed in April 2021 by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance and are subject to change.  We encourage individuals to speak with Medicare insurance agents who can help compare plans along with costs.

Prices shown are for male (or female) turning age 65 and first eligible for Medicare Supplement insurance with guaranteed health issue.  Non-smoking rates are used,

IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES – Florida Medicare Supplement

  • Policy Fee (Added to premium) ranged from $0 to $25.
  • Household Discount ranged from 0% to 7%
  • Potential Annual Savings: $1,008 (Female)
  • Potential Annual Savings: $1,476 (Male)
  • No single insurance company ALWAYS had the lowest prices
  • The highest prices came from various insurance companies

Florida Medigap Plans vary by price based on were you live.  For example, a woman turning 65 in Jacksonville could find Plan G coverage for $169-per-month.  The same insurance company will charge a woman living in Miami $241.

With a little effort Florida residents can save on Medicare Supplement insurance by following a few simple steps.  Because switching plans can be difficult in the years ahead spending the time now can be a worthwhile effort.  A female age 65 can spend $1,000 more depending on which Medigap Plan G insurer she chooses.  The savings add up year after year and can easily amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

Prices also vary based on which company you select.  While plans are designed to be virtually identical in terms of what they cover, that is clearly not true when it comes to prices.  For example, a male turning 65 could purchase Medigap Plan G for as little as $176-per-month.  He could pay as much as $232 if he buys his plan from a different insurance company.

2021 Medicare Supplement Price Index

Rates are for individual turning age 65, non-smoker, Medigap Plan G. Rates shown MONTHLY premiums before any discounts applied (example, household discount) or additional fees applied.  Amounts rounded.

MiamiFemale (Low: $241 / High $326) – Male (Low: 251 / High ($375).
JacksonvilleFemale (Low: $169 / High $214) – Male (Low: $176 / High $246)
TampaFemale (Low: $169 / High $202) – Male (Low: $176 / High $232)

Medicare insurance agents near me directoryUse the Association’s online directory to find Medicare insurance agents throughout Florida.  Access is free and no personal information is required to see the results for your Zip Code.

Please tell the agent you found them on the Association’s directory (we would appreciate that — especially if you find this information helpful).

Questions To Ask The Agent

Just as comparing multiple insurance companies can benefit you, knowing that you are really working with a knowledgeable and experienced Medicare insurance pro can benefit you.

Ask how long the agent has been selling Medicare insurance.
Do they offer both Medicare Advantage as well as Medigap plans?
How many insurance companies do they represent?

These are just some of the key questions to ask.  Thank you for reading this information.

Florida Medicare Insurance Regulations (re: Medigap Plans Florida)

The following comes from the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Every Medicare Supplement policy must meet State and Federal laws designed to protect consumers and the policy must be clearly identified as “Medicare Supplement Insurance.” Insurance companies can only sell a “standardized” plans identified by letters A through N. All standardized policies must offer the same basic benefits, no matter which insurance company sells it. Since the coverage is the same no matter which insurer you choose, the only difference is the price and the service you receive.

Since January 1, 2006, Medicare Supplement policies do not include prescription drug coverage. If you have a Medicare Supplement policy without prescription drug coverage, you can join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) during the Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

The Medicare Supplement insurer may not exclude benefits based on a pre-existing condition for more than 6 months according to s. 627.6741, Florida Statutes. A pre-existing condition is defined as a condition for which medical advice was given or treatment recommended by or received from a physician within 6 months before the effective date of coverage.

If a Medicare Supplement policy replaces another Medicare Supplement policy or creditable coverage as defined in Florida Statute 627.6561, the pre-existing condition exclusion of the second policy must allow credit for the time satisfied under the first policy. The maximum pre-existing time period is 6 months minus credit for prior coverage.

A 30-day free look period is provided on all Medicare Supplement policies according to s. 627.674, Florida Statutes. This means the policy can be returned to the company for a full refund of all premiums. The free-look provision starts from the day the policy is delivered and it is suggested the policy be returned in a manner in which delivery must be confirmed by the insurance company. (The free-look provision does not apply to Medicare Advantage Plans.)