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Part D – Find Best Costs

Best-Part-D-PlansSome 24 million Americans have a stand-alone Medicare Part D plan.  Stand-alone means your drug coverage is NOT included as part of a Medicare Advantage plan.  You have purchased separate coverage and pay a separate fee.

Part D plan costs can vary significantly.  They can change from year to year.  Too few seniors compare their drug plan coverage.  They end up paying more money than needed.

In most areas, you have between 10 and 30 different plans available.

Monthly costs can vary from a low of $7-a-month to a high of $180-per-month.

By spending about 30 minutes, you can easily save $500 or more a year!


ASK FOR HELP:  If you work with a Medicare insurance agent, ask if he or she will help you compare plans.  Be prepared to tell them the names and dosage amounts for all the prescription medications you currently take.

DO IT YOURSELF:  The Association makes available access to a free (100% private) online tool you can use to instantly see a listing of available drug plans.  The listing is specific to your Zip Code.  NO personal information is entered to access and use the directory.  No one will know who you are (or have any of your information).  For best results, have that list of prescription medications and dosages available to enter.

Using The Part D Online Tool To Compare

2022 Medicare Drug Plan Prices

Click above to access the free comparison tool

The online comparison tool is easy to use.  Plus it is 100% private.  You enter NO personal contact information. *

Step 1.  Click the link below.

Step 2.  Enter your Zip Code.

You will instantly see results.  You’ll see how many plans are available + the names of the various Part D plans available + information.

Scroll down (on the left hand side) and make sure you are seeing costs for the year you want (example, 2022).

Step 3.   For best results, look for the Add Your Rx Drugs button at the upper left.  We recommend doing this because the system will then show you the best coverage options based on your specific drugs taken.

The Association recognizes people want to protect their personal information.  Enter NO personal information to use this system.  No one will know who you are – or be sending you emails.

IF YOU WANT TO ENROLL IN THE PART D PLAN, use the system to do that.

Find A Local Medicare Broker

Use the Association’s directory to find local Medicare Agents.   Enter your zip code on the banner at the top right.

Agents get very busy during Medicare Open Enrollment.  Call them to make sure they know you are interested.  Please tell them you found their listing on the Association’s website.  Thank you.