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Best Texas Medicare Insurance Plans & Prices

Texas Medicare Insurance Plans Compare Top Insurers

  • AARP Insured by UnitedHealthcare
  • Aetna Health Insurance Company
  • Bankers Fidelity Assurance
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas
  • Cigna Health and Life Insurance
  • Humana Insuramnce Company
  • Medico Corp Life Insurance
  • Mutual of Omaha – Omaha Supplemental
  • New Era / Philadelphia American Life
  • United American Insurance Company

How To Get The Best Texas Medicare Insurance Plan

best texas medicare insurance 1Here’s why it’s almost impossible to do this on your own.  Prices vary significantly. And the insurance company offering the cheapest Medigap plan for a 65-year-old female in Dallas (99.24) is NOT the cheapest in Houston ($121.18-per-month).

There are 20 or so different insurance companies offering Medicare Supplement insurance plans.  Add to that the many Medicare Advantage plans.  It’s enough to make your eyes glaze over.

Which is why we recommend you work with a local Texas Medicare insurance agent.

You can use the Association’s free directory.  It is 100% free and 100% private.

And, here’s a great page where you can find 10 questions to ask a Medicare agent.  Use it to find an agent who’ll work for you (not the insurance company).

Houston Medicare Insurance Costs (2021)

Costs for Medigap Plan G.  Analysis of pricing conducted by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (May 2021).  Individual is age 65 and enrolling in Medicare.  Added Policy Fees and any Household Discounts are not included.

Lowest Cost for a Female: $119-per-month / for a Male: $128-per-month

Highest Cost for a Female: $192.69-per-month / for a Male: $226.07

In Houston, some insurance companies also charged a Policy Fee that could be as much as $25.  The Household Discount available from some insurers ranges.  The best discount was 14%

San Antonio Medigap Insurance Costs (2021)

Overall, costs for Medigap were cheapest in San Antonio compared to Houston or Dallas.  We compared the same type of coverage. A Medigap Plan G policy for someone turning age 65 and first enrolling into Medicare.

Lowest Cost for a Female: $95.33-per-month / for a Male: $109.17-per-month

Highest Cost for a Female: $166.96-per-month / for a Male: $193.79

Dallas Medicare Insurance Rates (2021)

Once again, the trend continues.  Women pay less for identical coverage than men (at age 65).  There was a large range between the lowest cost Medigap policy and the most expensive.  The insurance company offering the least expensive policy was NOT the cheapest in Texas.  All of which points to the importance of working with one or more agents who can really help you compare the various available plans.

Lowest Cost for a Female: $99.24-per-month / for a Male: $109.17-per-month

Shopping for Medicare Insurance In Texas

cheap Texas Medicare insurance 2You can start your research online (as you are now doing).  But, you won’t really find details about plans and costs.  Everybody wants to tease you with information and get you to give them your personal contact information.

Some websites sell your information to one or more individuals (insurance agents).  Get ready for a steady stream of phone calls.

Others will give your information to their own Call Center agents.  What you need to determine is whether they are there to sell you just one company’s plan.  Or, do they represent multiple companies. And, how many insurance companies?

You can use the Association’s directory to find local Medicare Agents.  Just type in your Zip Code.  Or, do a Google search for Medicare Agents Near Me.  Be sure to ask them the key questions we suggest in our article.