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Findf Medicare Insurance Agents In My Area

Agents In My Area

Medicare-insurance-agents-in-my-areaMedicare is complicated.  Finding agents in my area for help you isn’t.

The Association’s free online directory lists Medicare agents by Zip Code.  It’s 100% free and 100% private.  You only enter your Zip Code to instantly see the listing of agents who can meet with you or speak with you by phone.

10 Questions to Ask A Medicare Agent

  1. How long have you been selling Medicare insurance plans?
  2. Do you sell both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement?
  3. Will you help me compare Medicare Prescription Drug Plans?
  4. How many insurance companies are you appointed with?
  5. Can we meet in person?
  6. Will you service me after I purchase insurance?
  7. What are the most popular Medicare plans in my Zip Code?
  8. Can you tell me a company’s history of rate increases?
  9. How much time will you spend with me comparing plans?
  10. What percentage of your business is focused on Medicare insurance?

Agents In My Area: Ask These Questions?

HOW LONG MATTERS:  Sounds obvious but it’s something few consumers ever ask.  Medicare is complicated for you.  It’s also complicated for insurance agents.  Learning Medicare plan options is not something you can learn overnight.  That’s not to say that someone new to the business can’t be a valuable resource.  They can be.  But you should know how long they have been licensed to sell Medicare insurance.

HOW MANY MATTERS:  Insurance professionals are generally referred to as ‘agents’.  But there is a difference between those who are agents and those who are brokers.  Agents typically refers to someone who is able to sell one specific insurance company’s policies.  A broker can sell plans from multiple companies.  Some brokers sell for just a few plans.  Others will sell for many (10 or more).  They will have a favorites,  But you will benefit if you know more about the insurance agent you choose to work with.  You want them selling you what’s best for you (not what’s just best for them).

HOW MUCH MATTERS:  A good agent know how to sell.  That’s how they earn their living.  So, why ask how what percentage of their business is focused on Medicare insurance?  Because there will be a difference.  An agent or broker who solely focuses on Medicare will generally have a deeper knowledge about the topic and the products and solutions.  Someone who focuses say 50 percent while they also sell other products simply may not have the expertise you are looking for.

Listen, it’s your health and your money that are at stake.  The Medicare insurance decision you make could actually be irreversible.  For something as important as health and money, we encourage you to take the time.  And, we believe there’s a benefit to working with professionals who are there to help you get the best coverage for the best cost.

Want to read more.  Access our page How To Choose A Medicare Broker for more helpful information.

National Directory Lists Medicare Insurance Advisors

Best-Medicare-agents-in-my-area-2Ready to find the best Medicare insurance advisors in your area?

Use the Association’s directory.

The only 100% free AND 100% private online resource listing independent Medicare agents in your area.

You see their information but no one knows who you are until you decide to connect.  Find trhem and ask them some of the questions listed on this webpage.


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