Ads Promote National Medicare Insurance Agent Directory - 2020 Kiplinger's Retirement Guide Ads comes out this Fall

Ads Promote Agent Directory in Kiplinger’s

Ads Promote Agent DirectoryAds Promote Medicare Insurance Agent Directory

A new ad campaign from the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance will promote the organization’s national Medicare agent online directory.

“Consumers are looking to find local Medicare insurance agents who can help them understand their choices and plan option costs,” shares Jesse Slome, the national organization’s director. “The Association makes available the only completely free and private online directory that lists local Medicare insurance advisors.”

To increase consumer awareness of the directory, the organization will run two ads in the upcoming Kiplinger’s magazine Retirement Guide. “With 11,000 men and women turning 65 every day, this is an ideal place to reach interested seniors with important information,” Slome adds.

Ads Promote Agent Directory: First Ad Released

The Association’s first ad promotes the Association’s National Medicare insurance agent online directory. In addition, it calls attention to the Association’s website where consumers can find the lowest and highest prices across over 100 U.S. cities.

“Because Medigap insurance policies are designed to be uniform in terms of coverage, people mistakenly believe that pricing is also uniform,” Slome explains. “In fact, the difference between the lowest available price and the highest price can be significant.” The organization reports Medigap Plan G pricing noting that Plan G is the option most often selected by seniors turning 65.

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance is an advocacy and informational organization that strives to create heightened awareness for the many Medicare insurance planning options and supports insurance professionals who market Medicare insurance.

Medicare Insurance Agents Invited To Add Their Listing

Agents and brokers who offer Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug Plans are invited to add their listing.  “The directory is a unique service that consumers like because it enables them to connect with local insurance professionals,” Slome explains.  “We are not looking to gather their information or to guide them to any specific solution,  The directory is free to use and completely private.”

To learn more about the directory go to Medicare insurance agent directory listing.