2022 Program Medicare Insurance Industry Conference

Would you like to speak at the 2022 Medicarians conference?

2022 Medicare insurance industry conference

June 7-8, 2022 at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Posted  March 1, 2022:  We are seeking experts for the 13 panels listed below.

If you have interest please call Jesse Slome at 818-597-3227 (9AM – 1PM Pacific Time).
Or email E-mail Jesse.  Include phone number and the session # you are interested in.

#1 – CMS & Regulatory Update: Latest Developments; What’s On The Fed’s Agenda?   –   Latest Medicare-insurance related CMS initiatives and legislation at both the federal and state level.  NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) latest issues (they usually do a Spring meeting).

#2 – View From The Capital: The Politics of Medicare and Healthcare Reform –   Political issues facing Medicare.  What’s being talked about in the halls of Congress.  Looking ahead to 2022 and 2024 elections.

#3 – Maximizing The Value Of Your Agency / Book Of Business For Future Sale
Building Agency Value For Future Sale: What’s Your Agency Really Worth?

#4 – Bullish on Brokerage.  –  IMO heads discuss the future of the brokerage distribution channel from their perspective.  With all the focus and money being spent on D2C, why are these leaders ‘bullish on brokerage’.

#5 Stacking Technologies: Creating Uber-Efficient Agents Able To Meet Consumer Expectations. – Best practices to support agents with the tech tools they need to meet prospect expectations, maximize product suitability and effectively cross-sell.

#6 – Underwriting Issues Are Getting More Attention; As They Should!  – A look at latest developments.  How insurers underwrite is more significant part of the profitability equation than it was in years past.

#7 – Medigap Claims Issues: The Growing Impact and Cost Of Fraud – Claims practices, what are the best practices. Processing versus claim adjudication.  Do your claims experience line up with pricing expectations; latest look.

#8 – Exploring Group (Employer-Sponsored) Medicare Supplement Programs

#9 – How Can Small Medigap Insurers & New Entrants Compete?  – Insurers are now giving ever-increasing bonuses. Used to be $50-per-applicant.  Now it’s $300 squeezing out smaller players.  Ways to get around … how do you compete?

#10 – Utilization of Added Benefits: Are Members Really Taking Advantage of MA Plan Added Benefits. –  More focus is now placed on added benefits than health care benefits. Are consumers really utilizing?  Dental – Vision – Hearing – Silver Sneakers – even Pet Insurance are now offered.

#11 – Telehealth in a Post COVID-19 World  –  MA plans use telehealth and we talked about it 2 conferences ago.  Would be applicable to get an update.

#12 – CMS Compliance; What’s Changing and What More Might Be Changing?
Significant changes afoot – from new regulations regarding Medicare advertising to potential Medicare Star Rating changes (resulting from consumer complaints about aggressive marketing tactics). What, Why and what’s next?

#13 – Call Centers: What Will It Take To Succeed & Survive As Competition Mounts. – The latest look across the spectrum from those who have built and now operate Medicare insurance call centers.

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